It is 2:48 pm and Joe has an upcoming meeting at 3:00 with a client. Joe logs onto his computer to print his fully-revised sales presentation and nothing happens. He walks to the printer and sees the machine flashing, "Yellow Toner Empty. Please replace Yellow Toner Cartridge." Joe quickly runs to the supply closet and only finds a used yellow toner cartridge.
Joe has relied on Bob to re-order toner for the office for the past 15 years. Bob is usually on top of current supplies, however, must have missed the yellow toner for the office's color printer. Joe looks unprepared at the meeting and misses out on a new sale.  
For the past 25 years, offices have relied on staff to maintain print supplies. Time is spent scanning offices for current supply levels, logging on to websites to place orders, and creating individual purchase order for each order. This is often not the best use of employee's time.
Office Technologies can eliminate those duties from your business through our Toner and Ink Auto-Replenishment Program. Using our Device Management Software, we are able to remotely view your Copiers, Printers, and Multi-Function devices supply levels remotely and provide you with just-in-time delivery of new toners before they are needed. We are also notified of any errors or breaks that any machine experiences. This feature provides us with an exact description of errors which ensures repairs are completed on the first visits.  The Auto-replenishment Program also supports consolidated monthly statements, eliminating the waste of reoccurring purchase orders.
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