Office Technologies: Giving Back to the Community

Local Office Equipment Dealer, Office Technologies, was featured in the Pottstown Mercury's Community Section as participants in the "Pottstown Pride" Community Campaign this week. The Office Technologies' team had its picture taken wearing "We Are Pottstown" t-shirts outside of the office building on Farmington Ave in Pottstown.
For the second year in a row, Office Technologies has donated free color printers to Pottstown School District in efforts to help the district upgrade aging models.  The color printers aim to help the learning experience for children K-12. 
Students get excited about school when learning is interesting and fun. The more kids are focused on learning, the better they perform. Kids are already interacting with laptops, iPads, and smartphones full of rich color graphics and content. By the time kids are ready for school, color has already become a natural part of how they live and learn. Xerox conducted a study in 2011 that found that 54% of Students are more likely to read a document that contains color.*
Color printing has been a challenge for School Districts. Many students, teachers, and administrators support adding more color to classroom material, however, many are reluctant to increase the use of color printing due to its traditional high cost and perceived difficulty to maintain.  
Office Technologies currently helps Schools and Universities across Pennsylvania save on office equipment, supplies, and service. Our education-focused programs help make color printing affordable and service effortless. We also offer integrated software solutions that help schools monitory and manage usage and costs associated with color printing.
To learn more information about costs savings opportunities at your school, corporation, or local business contact an Office Technologies' sales rep today.  Contact Us!
*2011 Independent color reserach conducted by Xerox Coproration.   

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